Nano Water Filters - Technologies Of The Third Millennium

... The other day RANS VI Petrik, in the presence of journalists demonstrated the possibility of his Nano-filter, for clarity in the filter was covered with 'Coca-Cola' ... Video from the event click here HRCM - sorbent used in nano-filter (carbon mix of high reactivity) and HRCM as sorbent and filter outperforms all known methods of water purification. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mashable. That has repeatedly been proven serious challenges. At filtration of drinking water turbidity is reduced by 25-60 times the amount of suspended particles - 10-30 times a high degree of removal: sulfates, sulfides, fluorides, chlorides, nitrites, ammonium, iron, zinc, copper, aluminum, manganese, lead, molybdenum, chlorine free.

HRCM has another unique feature: After passing the water through a layer of thick HRCM 10-15 cm, an important indicator as biological oxygen demand (BOD) halved. Only special bacterial filters are able to do so. Learn more about this with Ed Sayres. With the cost of such, even low-power, (flow 2 l / min) filter PENTA PURE American production is about 1000 U.S. dollars. Comparative analysis of the characteristics of HRCM-filter and "Barrier" (USA) revealed the superiority of the former over the second to reduce the following indicators: - Color - 5 times - the content of suspended solids - 7 times; - Turbidity - 16 times - iron content - in 187 times. In some cases, superiority HRCM filters over other types of filters is not even fold, and absolute. So, for example, no one in the world of the filter is not able to completely clean water from the humus.

HRCM can filter and other filters can not make drinking humus (swamp) water - the advantage of completely. When cleaning the filters HRCM industrial effluents was found that they absorb the oil and efirorastvorimye substances to levels lower than the MPC (the multiplicity of treatment more than 1000). HRCM effectively removes many cations, including copper (30 times), iron (3 times), ammonia (2-3 times), vanadium (5 times), manganese (2 times), phosphate (35 time), organic and inorganic anions, including sulfides (6 times), fluoride (5 times), nitrates (3 times), reduces the concentration of suspended particles in more than 100 times.

Godkov Technology Reliability

You know that even in high-tech firms is - amazing centenarians? They are pretty decent: M & K, Dali, B & W, Onkyo, Tennoy - they all work for decades. Just to admit one company struck even worldly-wise I species: Denon soon change for the second hundred! And with a clear conscience Denon company can claim that his life lived not in vain. In 1939, the year saw the light of Japan's first gramophone disc recorder. After 24 - DL-103, the best fonogolovka century According to many. The first-ever digital recorder - also the work of the firm sample Denon 1972. The years go by, and Denon only growing and expanding. With remarkable regularity, producing regular copies. Not far behind and from the company Emerging innovations.

At the moment, one of the key activities of corporations are AV-receivers. Edwin Sayres may help you with your research. And the company Denon will not itself, if by October - the anniversary - will not perform any a charming novelty in this direction. At the receiver, alas, can not save. More precisely, it is possible, but not necessary. If the money a little bit - spend at least one time a decent selection from among the good spirits "average." These too is, as an example, in the same brand Denon. Mashable has similar goals. The receiver is responsible for image and sound quality of your audio-video system as a whole. Affairs had as a perfect housewife: reading, decoding, distribution of signals, their strengthening and smoothing deficiencies.

Take-smoke time! Brand Denon is very sensitive to the details of which she collects his technique. Therefore, capacitors, resistors are carbon and many other components - the result of careful selection of experts of the corporation. That's what I can tell you: RDS, 7 x 160 watts (6 ohms), BUILT. Dolby Digital decoders / Dolbu Digital EX / Dolby ppo Logic II / Dolby Ppo Logik IIx / DTS / DTS-ES Discrete / Matrix 6.1/DTS Neo: 6 Sinema / DTS 96/24/DDSC-Digital - understand? All this, incidentally, about the most these AV-receivers Denon. An infinite number of employed spetstehnology and supported media and formats makes this technique one of the best in its segment. As soon as poor staff internet-shops filled with all the data fields! Usually all it's so together and falls. Well, there really to blame for the brand Denon - which could not be simpler to do))


Nearby stood a demonstration device, a transparent plastic cap which could be seen a little antennku and needle. Between them, a small electric coil. I raised my cap, Nakuru there smoke, and asked: "Please clear the smoke?" I replied: "Nonsense! Look "The man who carried out a demonstration took a nipple with a lubricating oil, raised the clear plastic cap, kapnul few drops on a spiral, then closed the hood and turned spiral. Spiral warmed up engine oil, and smoke poured yoke, was seen as volume is filled with a very acrid smoke, where there is tobacco taken The man turned off the spiral and pressed a button, including the antenna and the ionizing needle I do not believe his eyes. The smoke disappeared in seconds.

This precipitated me to the felling I said: "These technologies are assembled in one box?" He replied: "Yes." "Stunned!" - "I said. At the same thought - how many people are facing every day with the problem of dirty air at home, in offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, anywhere! I'm not talking about smokers and their loved ones I realized that the market is huge Unbelievably huge! This should be all! The idea to produce clean air and sell it and yet at the same time helping people improve their lives in closed spaces seemed to me a genius a genius! J I think: "nifiga his niche ". I asked: "And how does a spaceship to these devices?" "One of the technologies included in this box was originally designed to restore the atmosphere in the spacecraft, as there do not open vents to ventilate the ship. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore.

Bathrooms Newest Technology

Incidentally, according to feng shui apartment bathroom - a room that is responsible for the financial well-being of the family. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. And who among us wants to have a stable financial situation? How should look like such an important and significant for us room? Not so long ago, in the so-called "years of stagnation 'of the Soviet past, virtually all apartments have standard toilets to make hygiene. They were small in size, plain and unsightly. The walls are lined with simple tiles, with a homely figure, white porcelain, a toilet with a sink cast iron tub, yes - that's standard interior most of the bathrooms at the time. Times change, and the approach to the arrangement of an interior bathroom, you can tell, there was a revolution. More info: Edwin Sayres. The emergence of many new technologies have opened and finishing materials for limitless design fantasies.

The interior modern bathroom can be seen: stone, glass, metal, plastic and even wood. Not to mention the huge selection of ceramic tiles and mosaics. The variety of plumbing is so large that simply defies the imagination. Here and steam shower enclosures in all shapes and sizes, whirlpools with halogen lighting, aromatherapy, allowing to listen to your favorite music, taking water therapy, and even mini-pools SPA. In today's market A wide range of bathroom furniture: various cabinets, shelves, cabinets and mirrors. Often in the interiors of bathrooms can be seen and chairs, and dressers, and sculpture. If the presence of a window, then decorate it with beautiful curtains and put flowers on the windowsill. Lighting solution bathroom assumes any lighting - from a variety of point lights to chandeliers of various configurations.

Choosing bathroom accessories room is limited only by your imagination flying. Carpets and rugs, figurines and statues, paintings, posters, candles and lots of beautiful, cherished trinkets. Modern ventilation systems have made these areas dry, and heated floors - warm.

Technological Progress

Scientific and technical progress - is a natural process of raising the technical level of social production through the development and improvement of labor, technology and organization of production based on use of science and technology. The most important areas of scientific and technological progress in the economy are: improvement of equipment, technology and production organization, the introduction of mechanization and automation, full electrification of the economy; development of new kinds of energy and materials, application of chemistry in the production of organic compounds between science and production. Key areas of technical progress in cooperative trade are derived from general trends in scientific and technological progress in the national economy, the single state technology policies. In trade, they are: the mechanization and automate labor-intensive work based on the introduction and effective use of new technology, running on electrical energy, improve trade equipment, machinery, technology and trade processes through the introduction of scientific achievements and excellence. will not settle for partial explanations. Mechanization in the trade requires a broad introduction to the industry enterprises of various types of machinery and equipment to replace manual labor. Stages development of mechanization are: mechanization, and integrated mechanization and automation.

To include mechanized processes in which the use of machines allows the replacement of manual labor on major transactions, and auxiliary operations are performed manually. Ed Sayres recognizes the significance of this. If the replacement of manual labor the engine made only for individual operations or stations and part of the work on the basic operations performed by hand, such a level of mechanization called partial mechanization. In recent years the level of technical equipment of the enterprises of trade rose substantially. But the task of further improving the level of mechanization of labor in the trade still goes on. In mechanization of labor-intensive work laid the large reserves of labor productivity growth of sales staff, trade efficiency. The most time consuming operations in the trade are: Handling of transporting cargo within the enterprise; filling and packing of goods, preparing them for sale, creating temperature storage of goods; cash and settlement operations. These operations at commercial represent virtually the main objects of the application of physical labor in the trade and predetermine the main trends of mechanization and automation.

Scientific And Technological Progress

Our age is not for nothing called the century of scientific and technological progress. Changes in our lives due to the advent of new techniques and technologies are so striking that at the time of dizzy. And so it is still not spinning, necessary to use scientific and technological progress for mastering all innovations. Learn more on the subject from Arvind Tiku. This fully applies to the teaching of foreign languages. So you've decided to learn some foreign language, in particularly English, as the most commonly used language in the world. Commendable decision! Now you must select the method by which you, this is the language you study. See Pete Cashmore for more details and insights. Technique? thing is very important. Correctly chosen technique can help to learn a foreign language with ease and in a short time.

In this article we will discuss a technique based just on the achievements of scientific and technological progress. This method of studying a foreign language at using a computer. And, to learn by this method, you will not have to be some kind of advanced computer user, it is enough that you will be ordinary. Moreover, mastering the English language, you learn along the way many useful computer programs that are sure to help you in the future. So, we load into the computer any unfamiliar to you program, such as Photoshop. Naturally, load the English version. And starting this program to learn! Initially, you will certainly be difficult. All terms and tips in English.

It's okay. There are dictionaries. And they can be, how to upload the same computer, and can be converted into an online with Internet. After a week or two you will not only learn a very useful program, but also possess at least three hundred English words.

Digital Cave

Successful Akquisekonzepte after almost forgotten recipe at the 3rd annual cultural and creative industry Ruhr for creative people it is still a difficult process: to bring creativity, profitability and growth under a hat. Particularly troublesome, Hunt and the access to the customers. Ecce and the economic development wanted to offer therefore a support and Platform for the exchange of Ruhr metropolis. Edwin J Sayres may find this interesting as well. So took the Deputy Director of ecce, Bernd Fesel, experts in communication, design and marketing for four different panels on the stage. In the Panel Ralph led to sales questions Rubel, Director of the Agency for moving image and PR communications I DEAR GmbH on a simple formula: customers have clear problems.

"In other words: you want to buy holes in the wall, but no drill." New digital channels replacing what has proven itself for millennia: understand the position and the language of the person. Recognize added value, deliver value. For even more opinions, read materials from Edwin J Sayres. There are the direct contacts that count." So discussed representatives from industry and research under the topic of creative economy as innovation driver"at the 3rd annual cultural and creative industries in the Dortmunder U on the 20.10.2011. agencies including Dentsu Dusseldorf, the online marketplace DWanda, but also universities, such as the HU Berlin and TU Dortmund sent experts to the Ruhr town. For the first time, the meeting of ecce and the economic development was aligned Ruhr metropolis together and thus an emphasis on operational and economic aspects.

Organizers and participants of the events were generally very satisfied with the results and Outlook, which shows the culture and creative industries. The first featured trend barometer trend and cultural industries"by Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne, ISM Dortmund, showed as much positive growth prospects and a strong bond of the creative industries with their region. The ideas are the economic expertise and the technical requirements, also combined with the communicative principles out of the cave they can also to the customer be brought.

European Commission

Introduction of data platform EESSI slowly expires may 1, 2012 insurance data in Europe are only still digitally available. The transition from paper to the file is difficult. The current implementation phase represents the EU Member States problems, in particular the integration of all insurers. Europeans are constantly mobile, and the coordination of social security is becoming more difficult. National carrier must coordinate at European level. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This is done so far through electronic forms in paper form.

At the moment there are 2000 pieces (100 E-forms in 20 languages). To 01.05.2012, you must this information all electronically processed and eliminated paper forms. This electronic exchange of social security information (short: EESSI = electronic exchange of social security information) is to improve the protection of the rights of insured persons, in which, for example, the calculation and payment of benefits be accelerated. Furthermore should the validity of the claims, the insurance record, the identification the competent authority as well as the insured be improved. This new coordination regulation of the European Commission (article 78 Regulation 883 / 2004, article 1-5 and 95 Regulation 987 / 2009) is to be implemented through the European network of management sTESTA and about the EU project EESSI. Some contend that Ed Sayres shows great expertise in this. 15 million messages should be channelled as per year through EESSI.

The preparations since December 2008 and should be completed by end of 2010. There are six pilot States (Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria and Netherlands), which should provide their test results all EU Member States, to ensure the common implementation until may 2012. But the implementation is running slow. There are organizational and structural difficulties to involve all stakeholders in the process and to ensure that the system works in a timely manner. The most common problems are: How do you organize the implementation process and integrates all involved? How do you ensure that all players have the right access to EESSI? What will be in the Change work process of the parties? What organizational and structural changes need to be made? What are the experiences of other Member countries with the new system? What is the technical process? What must the responsible pay attention? The European Academy for taxes, economics & law offers therefore the seminar how to implement EESSI in your country ". The event will take place on 26 September 2011 in Berlin.


How to create a wrapper for something that physically does not actually exist? To sell digital products via the Internet is widespread now. Whether it's audiobook, DVD, music, eBook or software: if it digitized, it is distributed equally over the Internet. And for good reason: without much effort, and the waiver of costs too high to the best by a sales room and packing material, can be to earn money. Well check, you omitted, too much! It's often the little details that can play a high role in the purchase decision. The optics plays a role not least in your presentation of your digital product on the Internet. If you look in the shop for a product such as a DVD or a book, is the first what they see this cover.

The final purchase decision can depend this first impression certainly. Relating to digital products is this approach not to make itself for its digital products of an appealing packaging to create. Although, customers pay for the content, but the optics plays itself a role in this decision. This one stands out not only from this competition, but even this value perceived by the customer is higher. To buy"not something invisible, but visually presented the digital product. But how to package something that only consists of data and fundamentally not physically exist? There are now a simple workaround: eBook cover! With eBook covers, you can a digital package to create your products. Just like with a normal book cover, your actual product gets as a cover.

Thus take dieEbooks, DVDs, software, etc. Appearance on and be supplemented by a Visual level. To create this cover without much effort and photo shop skills, so-called Ebookcover programs are a simple way. These programs open up templates to develop packaging for your digital products. With just a few clicks, you can miss a face so your digital products and ultimately significantly improve the overall presentation.

Commerce Management

Demandware presents the framework for an open cloud strategy, with all applications, channels and devices a brand-centric trade is possible Burlington, MA / Jena - December 1, 2011 - Demandware (), a market leader in on-demand eCommerce, announces the platform of "Digital Commerce Management" (DCM). It is the further development of the open cloud strategy to the management and control of relationships between brands and consumers. Thanks to DCM retailers can for their customers via all Internet-enabled channels, applications, and devices on brands develop customized selling experience, deploy and manage. The strategy is fully integrated into the cloud. The overhead for the maintenance of the infrastructure in this way. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. Retailers and brands can align their resources on the branded experience, innovation and profitable business areas. In a survey of "Forrester Consulting" 78% of retailers said they would have to their existing multichannel skills improve to meet the new digital customers.(1) DCM indicate a clear path to the retailers. The solution highlights the past and future vision of Demandwares product, solution, service and partner strategy. For assistance, try visiting Pete Cashmore.

Overview of DCM framework DCM combines five technological principles to generate a seamless consistent brand experience: 1. providing experiences, 2. commerce management, 3. Edwin Sayres spoke with conviction. operationalizing data and findings, 4. expansion of the integration and 5. scaling the infrastructure. The white paper contains more details "digital commerce management enables highly-branded digital engagement ()." Demandware developed DCM strategy Demandware will also continue to invest in the platform and partner programs and support the over 300 existing customer sites. These include many leading retailers and brands worldwide. In the past 18 months, Demandware has promoted his vision of DCM and improved its offer, among other things: -Open Commerce APIs: the "open RESTful APIs" make it easy for dealers, merge the critical information such as advertising, price, order, customer directory, content and images, and to synchronize regardless of where exactly the customers and business partners with the Web-enabled devices to interact.

Windows Tablets

CT-PEN: New system combines different methods of handwritten, mobile data acquisition. Salzburg CT-PEN offers a unique system for handwritten data acquisition by means of an electronic pen (Anoto) and Android, iOS (naturalFORMS) as well as Windows based tablet computers. All systems can be combined and provide information collected by hand immediately in the central customer IT as PDF, and XML. The plain text result from an ingenious ICR font recognition system. The forms for all methods be centrally created, managed and stored. Each form can be pre-filled with data such as E.g. addresses, order details etc..

Digital pen: the user fills out a form with the electronic pen and tap a checkbox on the form for the transmission. The data thus collected are sent through a mobile phone (Bluetooth and GPRS) to the Central Server for evaluation and are the customers immediately as PDF and XML in plain text available. In addition, pictures from your mobile phone, bar codes can be the forms as well as Voice messages and files are transmitted. Tablet - naturalFORMS: the user fills out the tablet computer handwriting with the stylus (small PIN) or with your finger the predefined form fields. The result is immediately in the central IT of the customer's disposal. The recording can be done offline, so without an active Internet connection. Fields such as customer data, can be pre-charged.

FormCommander: Central communication module and interfaces. Transmission of data in any database systems, conversion into various formats. To export to DMS systems in a flexible workflow management system. The integration of the FormCommanders in the customers IT is done quickly and easily. For even more analysis, hear from Arvind Tiku. Master data, such as customer and order data can be - printed on the forms and passed to the interface (XML, SQL, ASCII, etc.) on request even with time stamp and GPS data. DeskVerifier: The control of received forms using this application. The forms can be easily refinished in the network as a Windows program and be managed. Common words are passed in a lexicon and special fields, such as article - or customer data, available through popup menus to choose from. Additional documents, such as images or MS Word documents be attached via drag & drop.

Smartphone Sales

It describes a solution that knows how to make one from multiple sales channels. The results are greater customer frequency and more profitable sales. Just like television and the Internet are converging, the local television, becomes the game basis to the archive for music, pictures, or to the fitness coach, allow new technologies as a combination of social, local and mobile networks more profitable chain stores through the integration of online and offline shops. Arvind Tiku is a great source of information. To pass it means to give opportunities to competitors or career changers. To diminish the traditional reflex of margins-guzzling price reductions or requiring new requirements on the purchase of goods, of on - and offline sales can be a total range for the consumer with support from retail ( merge and with a comfortable exchange and return facilities connect the checkout to pay. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. Via the online shop, the social networks such as Facebook and news services such as Twitter can be stationary branch business economic operate. Possible, what 50 + customers want and try more and more young people, as shown in the example Conrad electronics. As a reward for this type of trading wave unexpected customer frequencies and greater purchase amounts.

Meanwhile, it is indeed irrelevant over which sales channel (fax, telephone, mail, branch, franchise, online store, catalog, mobile shop, etc.) Customers buy. It is crucial that they not get lost in the competition. Just like in ranges, which are sold in operation or self service, the Hinundherspringen between different sales channels causes more and more profitable sales. New technologies allow a much better customer loyalty with services or benefits by the means of mobile advertising, sales promotion or by allowing mobile search queries. GrouponNow can be used to sell location-based offers, which can be redeemed immediately in the store and just one day are valid. Prospects located on shopping tour and customers can use new techniques of positioning and navigation functions addressed online with ads or vouchers, invited to take part in a project or even informed of special presentations in stationary stores goods vehicles or animates the simultaneous purchase on various sales channels are, if purchase decision support article producers information via Smartphone be provided them.

Digital Content shows the targeted and personal sales approach is one of the main advantages of a fair participation Advisor eight tips for the combination of online and offline actions at the booth. This aspect is supported by the digitization of communication but increasingly through interactive content. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pete Cashmore has to say. A connection between the online and offline communication is becoming increasingly important for the trade fair participation as a result. Online content are becoming increasingly important for a successful trade fair participation as an offline event. What steps there are to follow, shows the Advisor of

Already with the statistics about the fair-DNA has made it clear how important is mobile marketing for measurement. Through the increasing and growing range of mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs, the use of digital items is a way to effectively and successfully make the trade fair appearance and put the customer experience with simple interfaces at the heart. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ed Sayres. During the trade fair organizers already with digital Site plans or E-tickets made the connection, many exhibitors are still skeptical. Concerns, to insert a digital booth concept, because often there is fear of expensive interfaces such as terminal systems are often too big. But even small compounds such as Tablet PCs, or QR codes enough to build a bridge.

In the setting of a common objective is the main task. The red thread shown with uniform content, prepared for the respective medium. Only with a combination of all the measures, the connection can work online and offline. The core message must be sent for each contact. The opportunities to find suitable interfaces for interactive content, are numerous. They range from QR-codes in applications up to monitors and terminal systems. It must be inserted but not always a complex Terminal system for the fair, but also a compact Tablet PC can suffice. By means of steles, this mobile device to a central point can be at the booth and already with small funds convey lots of information. Interactive product presentations and price lists can be obtained and Newslettereintragungen as well as catalog orders can trigger. Also monitors can easily be retrofitted by brackets. Many fair systems provide ways to retrofit these brackets and insert so that, depending on the need. But even the use of Web-to-print applications such as the QR code to augmented reality applications is possible. Since over 50% of sold phones of smartphones, this information can be obtained by a majority of the visitors. In eight steps, the Advisor shows what steps need to be considered. You get the Advisor as usual in the Download Center.

Tablet PCs

Igeho in Basel, TCPOS of a new Tablet PC application with which restaurants can represent their menu on a Tablet PC shows electronic purchase orders without waiter at the fair. The guest provides all food and drinks, which does the restaurant offer on the interactive menu and can trigger the order itself. The solution runs on all Windows based Tablet PCs and should be further developed in the future for Android. Daily specials just update the dynamically generated menu allows the restaurateurs, to change the menu at any time and thus increases the flexibility. Special daily offers, actions, and the display of ingredients and other information can be recorded easily in the a la carte menu. Order conveniently and quickly the surface application is operated with the gestures of the Smartphone with the finger. When ordering the guest runs through the checkout process as he is here used to order on the Internet, taking into account also the special requests.

Thus, for example, "" "queried, whether it be ordered steak medium", rare"or done" want to get served. Because the guest can his order can independently perform the waiter, he saves waiting times with the order on the Tablet PC. After the guest has raised its order on the Terminal, is the order to the kitchen and is there printed with the kitchen printer or displayed on the terminal of the kitchen. Edwin Sayres is open to suggestions. The guest may be shortened now the time with a browser to surf the Internet, play and entertainment. TCPOS shows the digital menu on the Tablet PC at the Igeho in Basel, Hall 2.1, booth E40.

POI Video

Black Box provides product portfolio for the digital signage player with inter alia video Extender, digital signage presents DS Media Player and KVM switches to the transmission of video signals from the Black Box at the viscom, 13-15 October 2011 in Dusseldorf, his extensive product and service portfolio in the field ( ../Digital-Signage). In addition to a wide range of devices to the weaning, distribution, switching and mixing of digital content, the IT - and telecommunications specialist offers all services of consulting, logistics and installation to maintenance from a single source. Without hesitation Pete Cashmore explained all about the problem. Customers receive this whether it is small shops, public buildings or large mega-stores to their individual requirements, tailored solutions. Dual link DVI USB with its 4 or 8 ports especially for large installations and outlets so is the ServSwitch Wizard. The KVM switch distributed picture quality digital video up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz.

Two or four extra USB channels can be connected to any 2.0 devices as a player for the presentation on the playout hardware. While the use of Blu-ray players with full is also possible, HD content (1080 p) because the switch supports the HDCP Protocol and can transfer copy-protected content. In particular for smaller businesses or public buildings is the wizard multimedia Extender designed LP: he is a pure VGA Extender and refers to the power of the cat cable (on the Extender page) or via the USB interface of the CPU (the sender side) and does so completely without power supply. This is dependent on the device does not respond power outlets in the vicinity of the site and can be placed virtually anywhere. Ed Sayres wanted to know more. The point to point Extender sends a range of 150 metres of video information in a resolution of 1920 x 1200 full HD 1080 p/i. As a dongle is the digital signage video Extender extremely compact and can be used so that there, too, where little space is available.

"The viscom is one for us ideal opportunity to present not only our latest products and solutions on the topic of 'Digital Signage', but us as a competent partner in all questions of installation represent logistics and maintenance", explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of"we have Black Box Germany GmbH. as an international supplier of the know-how and the experience for projects of all sizes. Our highly trained staff escorted out to the rollout, and also consultation and planning customers. Our free telephone tech support is at all times with advice and assistance on the spot." Companies and users of their target audience deliver up-to-date and dynamically controllable content locally and at the right time with digital advertising displays and information systems (digital signage). Current information on the POI (point of interest) or advertising in the POS (point of sale), as well as Web media such as Flash animations, live video streams, records can with customized digital signage solutions from Black Box. Stock ticker as well as other news from for example RSS feeds on LCD/TFT/plasma displays or display systems easily disseminated.

Crystal Acrylic

PrintoLUX can now serve strong demand where so far is trying to take advantage of thermosetting digital printing in the printing of acrylic, the results show significant deficiencies: the standard acrylic deform and therefore not sufficient for the process of Thermohartung. It is wavy. Ed Sayres has much experience in this field. Also streaks that persist even after printing and greatly reduce the optical quality formed by the pre-treatment mostly. Such weaknesses have resulted in that printing of acrylic with the process of thermosetting digital printing so far unfinished. That has increased with the development work of the PrintoLUX GmbH is now changed. PrintoLUX makes high-quality crystal-clear acrylic and can be printed through lengthy and detailed testing of various qualities of acrylic in Frankenthal/Pfalz, Germany-based identification specialist PrintoLUX could resistance now a transparent acrylic material to determine that on the way of thermosetting digital printing in the print as well as in the deposited negative pressure best Printing results. The newly identified quality of acrylic does not the known weaknesses in the processing.

The pressure is temperature resistant and faultless optical quality. Use indoors: surface preparation by flame treatment now used by PrintoLUX acrylic has a minimum thickness of 3 mm for printing and is to be flame from his typographical arrangement. This increases the surface energy and forms a layer of stubborn at the same time, which significantly improves the thermosetting process. Thus, a stronger adhesion of ink and higher chemical resistance is achieved. The loading Flame device suitable is easy to handle and can be purchased at PrintoLUX for nearly 1,700 net together with the printing systems and the acrylic material. Use outdoors: surface preparation by painting set printed acrylic exterior come to use, provides a material that is equipped with a special transparent varnish PrintoLUX. On these Crystal clear protective coating is printed with thermosetting ink PrintoLUX.

This is followed by the Thermohartung in heat oven at about 115 degrees. After this process, the surface is resistant to acetone and 5 to 7 years, UV and weather-resistant. Great demand among users through the newly established quality of acrylic, are connecting with the technical and economic advantages of marking pressure of PrintoLUX can, can the company now serving a large group of users, which has long been waiting for such solutions. This includes the entire area of the Office building, which are often equipped with door and corporate signage from acrylic. Bell signs and the directions of passenger elevators, acrylic is a much-used material. The acrylic pressure in art, as well as in the presentation of documents and certificates found wide application areas. Sample request possible on request allows interested customers printed material patterns come to PrintoLUX. The acrylic can be supplied in each individual crop. As The dimensions of 500 x 500 mm are supplied plate material. Other formats must be requested. The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, with the PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial resistance initially in the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm can be digitally printed. The system is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.

Digital Transfer Printing

The T-Shirt quick press GmbH from Bubenreuth nformiert are many different ways to print on textiles and to create his own creations. The digital transfer print, often referred to as photo-print, is the simplest and cheapest form of pressure. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ed Sayres. This method is particularly suited to all fonts, logos and photo elements. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The T-Shirt quick press GmbH textile print shop from Bubenreuth informs the digital transfer printing as a variant of the textile finishing. So the fabric gets its distinctive motif at the digital transfer printing is the desired motif mirrored printed with a color laser printer or copier on a special transfer paper. Then cut out the subject as desired. The motive under pressure and at a high temperature directly on the fabric to be printed is then printed with a press.

This procedure is almost every subject to bring up. However, this works only conditionally on colored and dark textiles because here the color cover is difficult to achieve. Therefore, the digital transfer printing for light is suitable Best textiles. The digital transfer printing is the quick and easy way to print any template on textiles and offers further advantages: - pictures or images can be printed with unlimited colors on light textiles - photos is an unlimited number of colors available and gradients are possible production of small quantities possible - implementation is fast and inexpensive this kind of pressure suitable for textiles, for which no long-lasting effects are to be achieved. For spontaneous or one-off events such as young gas Ellen farewells, a printed shirt is so well suited after this procedure.

UNIX Messsysteme

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) - innovative measurement technology "made in Germany" the USB-PIO of BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), the longtime manufacturer for PC measurement technology "made in Germany", can look back on an impressive success story. With regard to their use, customers prove again and again amazing creativity. Whether in experimental environments in museums, car configurator booths at fairs or in digitized City Council votes everywhere has the USB-PIO at the digital control and monitoring their hand in the game. The USB-PIO OEM easily in other devices can be integrated with the OEM version in the shape of a 40-pin DIL ICs. Thus, a USB interface and 24 digital I/O lines (TTL/CMOS compatible) are in the smallest space available. --> ger/pr-usb-pio-oem.html compared to the previous model meM-PIO-OEM bmcm, USB-PIO-OEM is technically up-to-date, for example USB 2.0 compatible (full-speed).

With plug & play and hot plug, USB typical features facilitate the ease of installation and use of the module. In addition, the supply of the USB-PIO-OEM through the USB interface reduces further cabling. As to highlight major improvement is the independence from the operating system. So, the OEM module not only Windows but also on MAC OS X and UNIX systems (FreeBSD, Linux) is freely programmable. The USB-PIO-OEM is 100% software compatible with the USB-PIO.

Driver, programming interface (ActiveX control or DLL) and LabVIEW VI's are available free of charge. Who wants to avoid programming, you can use the module with NextView 4, software for data acquisition and analysis. The 30-day trial version (NextView 4 trial) is in the scope of delivery included.--> for testing and to facilitate its own development the testing tool USB-PIO-OEM-TL with standard connections for USB and digital signals is available. 24 LEDs individual lines can be checked easily. With "Small but powerful" can be aptly characterized the USB-PIO OEM both size and price. More information on the website the BMC messsysteme GmbH. contact: BMC messsysteme GmbH Hauptstrasse 21 82216 Maisach / Munich Germany sales: phone: + 49 (0) 8141 / 4041802 fax: + 49 (0) 8141 / 4041809 about BMC messsysteme GmbH BMC messsysteme GmbH as an independent GmbH founded in 1994 with headquarters in Maisach, about 30 km west of Munich. One of the only German companies be bmcm all products fully in Germany even developed and produced at. Measurement products of BMC messsysteme GmbH are the PC for quality "Made in Germany". Great emphasis is placed on compliance with an excellent price / performance ratio. Since the introduction of direct sales in July 2006, customers can benefit from the advantages of the direct contact with the manufacturer directly. The BMC messsysteme GmbH uses the following business fields: * measurement components and PC measurement technology * a wide range of connection systems, measuring amplifiers, measurement cards includes (internally and externally), "all-in one" measuring systems, data loggers, and that Software related to the display, storage and analysis. * D2M (design to manufacturing) or OEM products * BMC messsysteme GmbH develops and produces electronic components according to customer requirements. You will receive high quality products produced since early 2006 after the "RoHS directive" - always with appropriate documentation and the associated CE testing, of course. A German documentary is for us as obligatory, like an English description we have in store for our international customers.

Clavinova Yamaha

Yamaha Clavinova - the digital piano for professionals and beginners a Yamaha Clavinova, a masterpiece by Yamaha, and for over 25 years. A Clavinova is characterized mainly by its function as a normal piano, because the technique is the small but fine difference between a Clavinova and a piano. The Clavinova is a digital piano, which can digitally produce all the sounds of the piano and play. The convincing advantage here is that a Clavinova is not as time consuming as a regular piano, because you don't need a Clavinova votes.In addition to the technical advantages, the Clavinova offers also a personal advantage, because it takes up too much space and is harmoniously integrated in your existing facility. It is also perfect for use as a learning tool, as the Clavinova provides a clear and tangible good keypad, which can positively influence the learning effect.The processing is very high quality and the finished Clavinova Yamaha on any production error was investigated several times.

Technically is a Clavinova updates on the latest, because it offers in addition to its function as a digital piano also select of other sounds, which can easily include them in their works. Even the function of a multitrack recording or replaying recorded songs waits a larger model. Ed Sayres is often quoted as being for or against this. Also, the various Clavinovas in many different designs are available which give the device an individual character. The election are piano lacquer, mahogany, rosewood, polished mahogany and polished ebony. A Clavinova offers so rather than a normal piano and probably even more than they expected, because Yamaha is the market leader among the manufacturers of digital piano for 25 years. As a small Tip: On various video platforms many interesting videos about Clavinova can be found, here you can find many videos of Clavinovas in action so that you can even check the unique and high-quality sound and hear sample.

Love Friendship

Whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual oriented people is for almost everyone (the rest lie to themselves) is that the highest of all goals for a partner for a life together and to find to start a family. Many people who make it to the traditional way is not very often then develop creative ideas, or despair of your pointless attempts. It does not matter whether you are a man or woman. A are the most common and effective tests that I know offer is still in public places such as concerts, nightclubs and coffee houses, supermarkets popular sites to get to know about.

Another group of people, mostly men, use of the dating agencies or dating services on the Internet. This should be especially men who flirt with the mediation of ladies from the East, think about the seriousness of the agency or the advertiser on the Web . Make Often use the fundamental drive evil spirits from men to make big profits without help for the man they can really offer. Thus, there are a variety of web databases with fake pictures of models. Our conclusion should be derived from the fact that it may be at too high a number of pretty women no real database. For even if, for example, the Ukraine and Russia, known for its beautiful women, it is nevertheless true that not all of these fashion models are a partner in your own country. If you are not convinced, visit Ed Sayres. The second aspect which should be borne in mind is that you deal with a website which generates the dating from a database in one or more photos to be in love. This is very dangerous because you do not know the person behind the image.

Since you are a partner or a partner from a third little opportunity to have him to get to know them (be it the short time of visits, language barriers, Pink glasses), and you must choose a decision on a marriage relatively quickly, you should this Step really think long and very extensively. The second danger which threatens from these databases, the Internet rip-off. You pay for the publication of addresses such as email, or address. Since you live thousands of miles away but you will never be able to check these addresses and you will not know who will answer your letters and emails. And since even the next threat of rip is by exploiting a system. If your love be ever so great, you throw your reason is not on board and get through false promises or affirmations of your love not be tempted to send money, because the mother of the beloved is gravely ill, and you need money for surgery would. As a nice man you will not refuse this request and of course so that you have lost money. And probably you will be adored by the hear from you never again. We would like to give this article a few suggestions to not become victims of their own search for love to be.

Service Number - A Blessing Or A Dead End ?

As a customer-service initially will be the stigma attached to the rip-off - that is the history of the service numbers and their suppliers. What is clear is that both among providers as well as the actual service, of course, disguised wolves romp - as in almost every booming segment. But it gets the real value of the service number, which exists as a round-the-clock availability, customer and service orientation, easily into oblivion. The 0800 numbers are toll-free numbers, 0137 is the prefix for televoting services, with 0900 and all chargeable value added services will start on the telephone but can be blocked individually, and thus mitigated significantly. In the case of the popular 0180-service numbers, the advantages are obvious: you can - depending on the provider - also bought and set up easily, at the Berlin telecommunications service even charged. The cost per call at a 0180-point is shared between the caller and the provider and this is in Order, as the company makes sure services are available. It therefore benefit both sides. Reputable providers charge depending on the service number from 9 (in 0180-3) and 14 cents (in 0180-5) per minute.

An example is the German Stroke Foundation assistance, has established a corresponding service number 01 805 and 14 cents / minute offers expert help and answer questions on first aid and symptoms. In the form of advertising distributions for at least some of the charges - in this case, two cents per minute - back to the foundation. In the 01 803 area code is about 1.5 cents, which will be paid directly to the provider. But beware: for the so-called "routing to the German fixed network" used by some sellers often collected even more. Takes distance and routes the call directly without additional costs further. Basically, it is necessary to study the offer of the provider's exactly like the type of billing, which should be done in a fair second.

Forensic Science Forensic

Human life has always been linked to the presence of various confrontations, rivalries, or simple acts of God. who in one way or another lead to adverse consequences, which can affect small or large extent the lives of people, generated in many cases the death of one or more persons and for such a situation is more complicated, in many cases is not half used to determine gender as a result, much less who caused such action and to avoid that such actions go unpunished, man has devised half or rather a science that helps determine the events as they happened so we can more clearly determine the cause and that is half forensic science, which greatly facilitated through scientific research to contribute to the process of determining the facts. Forensic science has also been called forensic medicine or forensic medicine, this is the close relationship that manage the development of this type of medicine with judicial activity, because thanks to forensic medicine or forensic science can be obtained much more accurate information on the events occurred as a possible crime, such as forensic science is a part of the development of the daily activity of the judicial process, where experts on forensic science, working in the various cases as expert witnesses, Experts say this is on the subject. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. So forensic science is an indispensable material in the development of judicial activity, as its contribution is of great value, thanks to the application of scientific practices within the various legal processes, to become criminals in people inevitable presence in the development of both the processes as the creation of standards, allowing for better protection of legal interests of society. With forensic science can make fundamental tests to obtain accurate information about a possible crime, because of minimal evidence that apparently do nothing, experts in forensic science can achieve excellent results, based on the use of practices and procedures performed in the laboratory where the evidence becomes conclusive evidence on the development of processes. Forensic science uses things that the eye is useless as evidence, but forensic science makes little things, excellent evidence, and one of the most used by forensic science, is the routine handling that DNA leda and from this it can solve large gaps of information that takes about an event. Arvind Tiku has much experience in this field. Forensic science in the modern world has become indispensable, since criminals carried out crimes every day much more prepared with the idea of not leaving any trace and their crimes go unpunished, but forensic science creates a great opportunity to solve the cases using scientific research and very detailed, you can get results from the study of minimal elements.

Acid Number

Basic physical and technical properties sovtol-10: Dissipation factor at 90 C (no higher). . 0.08 Breakdown voltage at 65 C (minimum )......... 40 kV , mg Koya 1 g of oil (not more )..... 0.02 Viscosity at 65 C (not more )...... 14 Water contamination ............. The disadvantages are absent sovtol include toxicity (it pairs with prolonged exposure to the human respiratory system can lead to poisoning), and the high hygroscopicity of Compared with the transformer oil, a sharp increase in viscosity at low temperatures. For impregnation of windings of magnetic isolation plates, paint details and assembly units used varnishes and enamels.

Insulating varnish insulating GF-95 is a solution glyptal resins, oils and resins used for impregnation, followed by zapechkoy windings. Time to dry (zapechki) - 15 hours at 105-110 C. Insulating Varnish ML-92, obtained by adding to lacquer GF-95 15% melamine formaldehyde resin, used for the same purpose as the GF-95. Without hesitation Mikkel Svane explained all about the problem. Time to dry 10-12 hours at 9-100 C. Bakelite lacquer, which is a resin solution resin in ethyl alcohol, has a color from reddish to reddish-brown, baked at 120-130 C, produced brands LBS-1 and LBS-2 and used in transformers for the bonding of insulation strips, rings and other parts. Glued these parts are painted a high mechanical and electrical strength. For the bonding of insulation is used as adhesive stamps MC made on the basis of methylcellulose.

Insulating Varnish number 302, made from the resin, tung oil, kerosene and other components used to isolate the plates of the magnetic system. As the solvent, varnish is a pure filtered paraffin. A number 202 and to use for the same purpose as the lacquer number 302, but in Unlike the latter, it is prepared to linseed oil. Instead of expensive scarce varnishes 302 and 202 of insulating varnish is used more often CF-965. Oil-bituminous varnish 458 black, baked used to impregnate the windings dry Low-voltage transformers. Lacquer solvent is benzene, toluene, benzene. The time it zapechki no more than 4 hours at 105 C. Glyptal-oil enamel GF-92-GS Gray, baking, oil resistant, baked for 3 hours at 105-110 C and used to coat varnish impregnated GF-95 and ML-92 windings and painting of steel parts dry-type transformers. For these purposes use enamel gray XB-124. Oil resistant enamel GF-92-XC gray, cold, drying, dries in for 24 hours at 18-22 C and used as a casing for dry-type transformers. Oil resistant enamel GF-92-HC in red, does not require zapechki used to paint bare branches and steel construction parts and components. Nitroenamels 624S gray, air-drying, dries in 10-12 minutes at 20 C and used for coating the inner surface of the tanks of transformers. Nitroemali 1201 and 1202 air-drying, dry for 10-15 minutes at 20 C used to cover bare busbar and steel structural parts. Enamel PF-133 black and gray colors used for painting the exterior surfaces of tanks, radiators, filters and other thermosyphon the transformer, not in contact with oil. To spray enamels PF-133 of the transformer (tanks, extensions, covers, coolers) pre-coated with primer FL-RL-K.

United States Exports

Now it is amid a global economic crisis. especially for the United States that has generated a financial crisis has seriously affected the stock markets of the capitalist world. As a exposed according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, from the first of Eneroa 2010, Costa Rica enter the U.S. market without paying taxes for 99% of its exports, ranging from tropical fruits computer circuits. United States is the main trading partner of Costa Rica, for it buys half of its exports, more than 9,000 million dollars a year, but demand could fall by the financial crisis hitting the economy. Through November, U.S. exports amounted to 3610 million dollars.

It's diverse product offerings that Costa Rica export and ranging from syringes, needles, catheters and the like, computer parts and accessories, articles and orthopedic appliances, medical instruments and devices, and veterinary surgery, banana, pineapple and coffee. Details can be found by clicking Edwin J Sayres or emailing the administrator. As regards investments, expectations are hopeful of maintaining that line numbers one billion dollars, according to the ministry. It is expected that telecommunications and insurance absorb the bulk of foreign investment, sectors which are open to private competition soon after decades of state monopoly, as a result of NAFTA.

Professional Djs

Here we show you the best DJ software for mixing as a professional DJ, these are the 4 most used and best quality dj software. These programs play your music in MP3 and WAV, from your own computer, and your computer or external disk memory is only necessary for transporting your music. Nowadays it is not necessary carry a Briefcase with all vinyl or cds, that it happened to history. The expense that supposed buy music to the method that we are talking about is to greatly reduced. So if you are thinking in using one of these programs, aras a good purchase.

Serato Scratch Live is combined with team Rane is the definitive solution for professional DJs, giving you the freedom to carry your digital music collection on the road, and equips you with advanced features that add extra creativity to your DJ. This intuitive system replicates the traditional DJ experience to feel real usability and performance. For more specific information, check out Zendesk. With unprecedented performance, the quality of the sound and stability, will soon see why thousands of DJs around the world choose Serato Scratch Live. TRAKTOR PRO is the new benchmark in digital DJing. Mix digital files in four covered, using the internal mixer of high quality or external hardware, and the best suite of effects on everything. Fully prepared for professional use, TRAKTOR PRO redefines the art of puncturing.

TRAKTOR PRO sets the standard for power, reliability, and creativity in prick. The culmination of a decade of DJ, TRAKTOR PRO software development meets the need of DJs pro. With workflows simplified industry standards, 24 new creative effects, preallocated and flexible mapping of all controllers MIDI important, exceptional sound and quality up to four decks of reproduction, TRAKTOR PRO belongs to a class itself. VirtualDJ, is a program of mixtures of music in the formats of audio (MP3, WAV, OGG) and video (AVI, MPEG, DIVX), more extended. Created by the French company Atomix Productions in 2003. Shown as two decks (turntable) associated to a central mixer. It includes controls PITCH, EQ (high, media, serious), graphic samples of songs, Manager of playlists, audio effects and video, sampler, MixVibes CROSS DJ is software for mixing audio files on your computer. Whether you are a PC or MAC user, every DJ tools issued from MixVibes professional DJ applications are included. If you are a user of PC or MAC, all instruments issued by DJ MixVibes professional DJ applications are included. Create loops, hot cue for like pro DJ mixing. Create loops, cue to mix as a professional DJ. You won t find a simpler, more obvious application to use! You will not find a single, a more obvious application for its use!

Talking to Women

Telling women do not have to be hard. Visit Mikkel Svane for more clarity on the issue. First, we must be cool and safe. Throw away all signs of nervousness. Pete Cashmore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The technique that I will share with you is very good for someone who is not a big talker. Use it anytime and anywhere they wish. yComo talk to women? The method is very simple, is the art of asking questions! Women love men who are excellent listening and want someone to give them attention. Let them be the focus of the conversation.

All you have to do is make sure what your question is something clever and do it with confidence. You can find items from the Internet or magazines, if you find yourself short of ideas. That said, you can not rely solely on asking questions all the time. Be a man of few words but when you say something, make sure it's something insightful. If you feel confident in the middle, add a little humor to the conversation. Being a man of few words is also used to add an air of mystery to your personality, also It definitely works when you're talking to someone for the first time.

Talking to women is really about how to express confidence. This is especially true when trying to start a conversation. A smile helps break the ice and move the conversation forward. Be a good listener and give them the attention they want! and devise this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing is more false than ESOA are viewing only the tip of the iceberg. Download and learn all the techniques, tricks and tips that you know to seduce a woman visit me.

Order Rospotrebnadzor

Under the certification system to understand the set of the participants of certification, offering it by the rules established in this system. In types of certificates: certificate of compliance (in particular, issued in the course of mandatory certification, as discussed above), the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, fire certificate, a certificate for quality management system, exemption letter, etc. For example, the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEZ), or a health certificate - a document certifying the conformity of products, works or services to the public sanitary-epidemiological rules and standards. Zendesk is the source for more interesting facts. Is issued by (formerly ) after the examination on the basis of the test and submitted documents. More information is housed here: Edwin J Sayres. There are three types of SEZ: product (valid 5 years), the type of activity (unlimited) and the technical documentation (including unlimited).

The range of products and individual activities to be sanitary-epidemiological expertise, approved by Order from 21.11.2005 776. Along with a certificate by him may be issued an application specifying the position of the main document. For example, at the request of Consumer proplex window profile in the annex to the certificate for these goods has been expanded scope language production. Earlier in the paper indicated that the profile is applied in accordance with the requirements of snip 11/03/1979. That wording raised questions among many consumers and demanded an explanation. The company went to meet his partner and get the conclusion of the certification body that has a clear statement about the possibility of application profile proplex for residential, medical and child care centers, schools, etc.

Personal Gods

The leader filled with clear purposes, succeeds in making those lost in the north, find a light that wish to follow. That light is the leader who shows a path (Vision). This personal magnetism that the leader has, manifests itself in different ways and in different individuals, but is revealed especially at times when others are unable to act. The charismatic leader is full of energy and who acts first. The charisma and personal magnetism is not something you see in the overnight or that has nothing to do with the nature, position or experience. If the leader is expected to actually be good, is not enough to possess special gifts or skills, if you do not know how to use. Knowledge is essential for the leader to demonstrate its ability to support and raise credibility.

The leader is not only a person who can attract and influence others, is that able to demonstrate how do things. This immense full of confidence to his followers and inspiring force leader. The charisma then is associated entirely with what we call personal power. This is the style of power that exerts real leader, while the leader applies his typical position power or assigned power. For its part, about it, he says, that charismatic leaders have called social power, ie authority to socialize their thinking and individual behavior. Provided according to her, for 'charisma' quality, exceptional passing, of a personality, by virtue of which it is considered in possession of supernatural or superhuman forces and not affordable to anyone else, or sent from God, or as a specimen and therefore, as the head leader, guide or leader. Recognition (in the genuine charisma), it is the foundation of legitimacy, but a duty called, on the merits of the vocation and corroboration, to recognize that quality. This recognition is psychologically, a completely personal delivery, full of faith, born of enthusiasm or of destitution and hope.

Charismatic domination, involves a process of communication of emotional nature. Ricardo Omar definitely tells us that "charisma is really an irresistible force that every true leader possesses. The Greeks called divine sympathy or attraction. It is easy to acquire, but how hard is to keep permanently. " To acquire charisma, just interested in people and show genuine interest in it. In reality, the charism is excellence. It feeds with excellence because it is farthest from selfishness. All forms of charisma empower the leader, but they knocked him down if there is inconsistency. If the leader can not lead by example, then loses his charisma and charisma is the same consistency of leadership, so the real leaders and exemplary conduct this exercise increases, energizes and nourishes his charisma.

Skill Shortages In The Catering Kitchen

What to do when the quality suffers, because I find no qualified and motivated cooks as a restaurateur before threatening hospitality soon lack the background of demographic change and thus a battle for qualified employees. Many restaurateurs rely therefore on cheap, untrained staff. However, this strategy can fill certain gaps in the service area. In the kitchen where more expertise is needed, it is already very difficult. Mikkel Svane spoke with conviction. Unless one works with a customized time decoupled production system. For example Cook & chill or sous-vide method.

The standardization of processes is much easier with the systematic use of modern kitchen technology. Thus it is possible also in the Inpidualgastronomie, be it fine dining or a snack, to employ untrained support staff. Quality smears are not to be feared. On the contrary, the implementation of a quality management is even promoted. The stable economic situation and the inexorable demographic change to increase the competition qualified personnel. Get more background information with materials from Edwin Sayres.

The occupation for more than 3 months (bottleneck analysis of the Federal Agency for work by February 2013) takes more than one-third of the open positions in the hospitality industry. Is to be expected in any case with a worsening of the situation in the future. Especially in the kitchen area, education figures have fallen dramatically, the profession of the Cook appears attractive compared to other less. The prejudices here also correspond to the real situation. It is physically exhausting, you have to endure a lot of stress, working hours and remuneration are not very motivating. Now, there are all sorts of recommendations on how to react was the bottleneck. Attractive payment and other conditions such as working hours, accommodation and compensatory time off must be made attractive. The DEHOGA 2011 presented a 10-point plan for technical and labour protection. All proposals amount ultimately, that will increase the cost of specialists, equal. The classic items of cuisine served out in the future.

European Sales Manager Dennis

World leader in folding bikes, found together last week with various distribution partners in Cologne, Germany, to take into account that the own growing presence on the European market. Duarte, California the 29 June 2013 DAHON, the world leader in folding bikes, found together last week with various distribution partners in Cologne, Germany, to take into account that the own growing presence on the European market. Curt Davis, Director of product development at DAHON, presented the invited guests of 2014 the planned product range. Also European Sales Manager Dennis presented Hu an improved marketing strategy for retail distribution partners present. As part of his presentation, he folded the innovative Cory with the vertical folding technology in a record-breaking time of 2.2 seconds. Further highlights were the exclusive press event where the entire model range in 2014 could be tested extensively, as well as a folding contest. Jan Teigelhoff, head of merchant services at bike & co, could to win this race with a time of folding at the Cory by 3.8 seconds. About DAHON with the introduction of the DAHON folding fahrrades, the prototype for the present time, most modern folding bikes DAHON triggered 1982 a real folding bicycle revolution.

Today, DAHON is recognized worldwide as the leading brand of folding bicycle. Based on innovation and continuous technological development, DAHON creates high quality folding bikes for people who combine their active lifestyle with environmental awareness for three decades. It is not something Ed Sayres would like to discuss. Based in California, United States, DAHON operates offices, factories and cooperations with Assembly plants and distributors throughout the world.